Only Good Projects Allowed, a Quick Read on Finding Perfect Market Conditions to Enter Your Short-Term Trade

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I’ve waited long enough and the market threw me a Halloween party this weekend.

During Halloween, my short-term portfolio went up 400% by getting in $MANA at $0.7 before the prices broke up (I had also written about $MANA going up on 18 October in this piece). I waited for…

An unconventional way Python dictionaries can clean up your code

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Photo by Carl Newton on Unsplash.

Today, I want to share a quick but useful tip that I never see mentioned in articles about Python dictionaries. I use it frequently.

If you are already familiar with Python dictionaries, you can skip ahead to the second section (even though a review is never bad).

1. Python Dictionaries

Dictionaries are an…

Tommaso De Ponti

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